French Internantional 2014

Abian wins in France

Pablo Abian participated in the 2014 edition of French International and played a very good tournament. He entered the tournament as the 4th seed but with several tough lower ranked asian players in the roster it looked to be a tough tournament. In his 2nd round Abian faced the 7th seed from Malaysia who was sent home in straight sets. In his semifinal it was time for the next one, 5th seeded indonesian player who on his way to the final knocked 1st seed Brice Leverdez from the tournament. Pablo won his semifinal rather comfortably in straight sets. In the final he went up against 3rd seed Vladimir Malkov of Russia. After 3 close sets (21-16, 19-21, 22-20) Pablo stood as the winner of the 2014 French International
Date added: March 31st , 2014