Nanna Carleke, ladies under 16 world champion

Nanna Carleke, U16 world champion in Racketlon

Nanna Carleke, 14 years old, went to Stockholm to play the under 16 World Championships in Racketlon. Nanna who had previously not competed in Racketlon entered the tournament without any kind of ranking. Nanna is FUKUDA sponsored for her badmitnon and squash talents but obvisouly she can handle herself in tennis and table tennis as well. In her semifinal Nanna faced world no 4 ranked Bettina Bugl from Austria. After loss in the table tennis Nanna scored two big wins in the badminton and squash categories and after a 5 point lead in the tennismatch it was over for Bettina, she had no chance of catching up. In the final against Linda Rohrer Nanna won the table tennis, badminton and squash so convincing that there was never a need for the tennis category, she had already won and stood as the world champion for ladies under 16. With Nanna only being 14 she still has 2 years left in the under 16 category so she has the chance to defended her title as well..
Date added: December 10th, 2012