Blog posts of '2013' 'December'

Abian wins Welsh Open- Friday, December 27, 2013

Abian wins Welsh Open!

Pablo Abian had a good tour in the UK and Ireland. It started with a very good performance in the Welsh Open. Pablo entered the tournament unseeded and in his second match faced 4th seed Joachim Persson of Denmark. Persson was sent home after 2 straight sets (21-17, 21-7). Pablo then went through to the semifinals beating an indonesian player in his quarterfinal. In the semifinal 8th seed Flemming Quach was the opponent and he was also conquered in 2 straight sets (21-12. 21-13). In the final it was time for another dane, unseeded Christian Lind Tomsen. 1st set was a clear win for the dane and the 2nd set an even one with Pablo being the winner and the 3rd set was a clear win for Pablo. Big congratualtions to Pablo for his first title in 2013. After Wales it was time for the Irish Open where Pablo in the first round beat Gabriel Ulldahl of Sweden in straight sets, in the 2nd round it was time for 1st seed Ville Lang of Finland where it took Palbo 3 even sets to proceed to the next round where the 7th seed from Sri Lanka was sent packing after 2 sets. In the semifinal Pablo went up against Dieter Domke of Germany who proved to be the stronger player this day and winning in 2 sets.
Date added: December 21st , 2013

Nanna Carleke once again world champion!- Friday, December 27, 2013

Nanna Carleke U16 World Champion in Racketlon

Nanna defended her world champion title for girls U16 in Zurich this year. In the final she went up against Celine Walser of Switzerland and before the tennis match the scorecard was well in Nannas favor. She only need 6 points from the tennismatch to secure her victory and it only took 9 points before Nanna stood as the victor with 6-3 in the final match!
Date added: December 21st , 2013

Nico Ruponen reaches semifinal in the Irish Open- Friday, December 27, 2013

Nico Ruponen reaches semifinal in Ireland

Nico Ruponen together with Amanda Hogstrom reached the semifinal in Irish Open. They entered the tournaments as 1st seeds and made it through to the semifinal with a few 3 set wins on the way. In the semifinal they went up against the 5th seed dutch pair of Arende/Piek that proved to be too difficult in this tournament. Upon his arrival back to Sweden Nico was informed by the Swedish Olympic Comittee that he and Amanda were granted financial support from SOK for the coming years up until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. This is a much needed support for a player as commited to his sport as Nico is.
Date added: December 20thth , 2013