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Swedish U19 Squash Championships- Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pontus Rengbo U19 Swedish Champion!

Pontus Rengbo represention Malmö SRC club won the Swedish U19 championships in squash in Skellefteå. Pontus entered the tournament as the 1st seed and went on to winning all of his 4 matches and in the end standing as the winner of the tournament

Date added: January 22nd , 2014

Swedish Masters 2014- Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hurskainen and Abian face off in Swedish Masters!

The past weekend the 2014 edition of the Swedish Masters was played in Uppsala Sweden. Hurskainen was seeded 2nd but it was initially uncertain if he could participate due to a troubling achillies tendon but when the Tournament started he was in the roster and went through the 2 first round with relative ease. In his quarter final he need 3 sets (21-14, 18-21, 24-22) to beat Rasmus Fladberg. On the same side of the draw was another FUKUDA players, Pablo Abian that was 5/8 seeded. Abian managed his quarterfinal against Eetu Heino easily (21-19, 21-16) and now it was time for the two FUKUDA players to go up against eachother in the semifinal. It turned into a 3 set fight with Hurskainen winning the opening set with 21-17 and then Abian grabbing second set 15-21. 3rd set turned into a close one with Hurskainen emerging as the winner with 21-19. In the final Hurskainen went up against 1st seed Ville Lang of Finland. Same as in the semifinal the final went on to 3 sets where Hurskainen had a commanding lead at 17-11 but unfortunately Ville delivered a very strong comeback at this point and in the end winning the set 21-19.

Date added: January 21st , 2014

Peñalver reaches final in Poland- Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peñalver reaches final in Poland!

One of our promising U19 players of Pro Team Spain went to Poland this past weekend to play the Polish Junior Open and he did very well for himself. Luis Enrique Peñalver entered the tournament unseeded so he hard a tough tournament ahead of him. In his second round he was up against 2nd seed Wolfgang Gnedt who was sent home in straight sets (21-13, 21-19). In the 3rd round a 5/8 seeded polack was waiting and he was also beaten in sets (21-15, 21-14).  In his semifinal a 5/8 german player was waiting but he had to bow down to the spanish player as well after a 21-16, 21-12 loss. In the final it was time for the last remaining german player in the men's singels tournament, 1st seed Max Weisskirchen, in the end he proved to much for Luis that day and won in 3 sets (21-19, 12-21, 21-16). Still a very strong performance finishing 2nd and sending 4 seeded players home on his way to rhe final!
Date added: January 21st , 2014