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All rackets in the Nano Ace series share a number of traits and characteristics that groups them together in this series. The first being the use of the NanoCarbon hydrid material. This is a unique blend between 40T High Modulus Graphite and NanoTech resin,creating rackets with amazing recovery time and stability together with a great durabilty.

The rackets of the Nano Ace series, are all built around speed and aimed at players with a naturally powerful swing. They range from very top light down to moderatly top light with fairly flexible shaft on all models to allow for good power generation even with a head light balance. The headlight balance point gives rackets with great speed and to give them power this is often combined with widebody frames and a flexible shaft that thanks to the NanoCarbon hybrid still retains good recovery time with each hit.
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Nano Ace 3300

Nano Ace 3300 is new addition to the Nano Ace line for 2016/2017

Nano Ace 2900

Nano Ace 2900 is a toplight racket model with a slimframe profile giving it maximum speed.

Nano Ace 2500

New for the 2019 / 2020 season.