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All rackets in the Rainbow Line series share a number of traits and characteristics that groups them together in this series. The Rainbow Line offers a much wider range of rackets then the other series do due to it containing full HMG rackets down to steel rackets for school and military use

The rackets of the Rainbow Line series, are all built around getting the best possible performance for the area of use that they are intended for. The full graphite models are angled towards being forgiving and supporting for players who only play at an excercise level. Slightly head heavy balance points with flexible shaft to help them get the most out of each shot. The lower end models are all built around durability combined with acceptable playability to be a good value for money choice.
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Rainbow 700

Full graphite racket with a flexible shaft and a headlight balance

Rainbow 400

Full HMG grahpite racket aimed at beginner and intermediate players

Rainbow 300

Rainbow 300 is a basic beginners racket in 100% graphite


HMG racket with Ti reinforcements specially made for training exercises with its high weight.


A racket with aluminum head and steel shaft.


A racket with aluminum head and steel shaft. The shaft is slightly shorter to suit the youngest players.