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All indoor shoes produced by FUKUDA are specially developed for badminton / squash and floorball. They are all very light weight thanks to the HD Phylon midsole. They support rapid movement and direction changes with the excellent grip of the natural rubber outsole with its two pivotal points.
Uppers are all well ventilated synthetic materials helping to keep the foot as dry as possible and to make sure it keeps its form and stability even during high stress movements.
The midsole has cushioning under both the heel section and the forefoot to give the foot maximum support and comfort. Insole and heelsection are all about a perfect fit. The paddin in the heel will adjust itself to fit your foot and the ridged insole will improve circulation in the foot and help transport moisture away..
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Orion Pro

Tournament shoe built on a wide last.
Size: 39-47


Tournament shoe built on a regular last.
Size: 38-46

Indoor Alpha

Tournament shoe built on a narrow last from size 35-40 and on a regular last from size 41-46.

Nova Lady

Tournament shoe based on a specially developed ladies last.
Size: 35-41