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ESM 3000

Digital Electronic stringing machine
  • Digital electronic stringing machine with keypad and LED Digital display
    1. Microprocessor controlled, electronic pulling and monitoring device eliminates any tension loss during pulling process.
    2. True constant pull tensioning system eliminates any tension loss during pulling process.
    3. Main and cross string tension selection
    4. Knot overtensioning selection
    5. Three programmable tension memory banks
    6. Tension display in both pound and kilogram: 10-90 pounds and 4.5-40.9 kilograms
    7. Pounds to kilograms converting key
    8. Power selection switch for the desired voltage 100/110V or 220/240V.
    9. Power cable socket with fuse protection
  • Six-point suspension mounting system to eliminate the risk of racquet distortion
  • Micro-adjustable frame mounting system.
  • 4 individually adjustable frame side-supportarms
  • K-shaped padded side supports designed to fit any type of frame
  • Padded head and throat mounting posts secure any frame (including deep V-shaped throats), no cosmetic damage to any frame.
  • Linear ball bearing string gripper with string guide and tension switch, grips the string automatically. No damage to any string. Easy fingertip to activate the tension pull.
  • Dual-action swivel clamps can move in any direction up and down; and can handle all types of racquets without extra accessories.
  • 2 multipurpose diamond-coated, easily adjustable stainless steel swivel clamps
  • All-metal spring assisted swivel clamp base. Very short locking/unlocking movement requiring no force
  • 360 degree swivel turntable with brake
  • 2 tool trays
  • Racket holder on the floor stand
  • Floor stand with level-adjustable pads.