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Nano Ace 2200 - Kävlinge

Nano Ace 2200 is a toplight model with a flexible shaft.

The Nano Ace 2200 is the sucessor to the Nano Ace 2000 one of our most popular top level tournament rackets. It delivers a perfect blend of power and speed. The aerodynamic frameshape and the headlight blanance point gives the racket an excellent swing speed and combined with the softer flex shaft still generates great amounts of power in each shot.

Item number B2003
Model Nano Ace 2200
Weight 3U
Flex Medium
Balance 2
Length 670
Grip G2
Colour Black / white / yellow / green
Material Nano Carbon hybdrid
Technology Nano Carbon
  Gti frameshape
  Aerodynamic frame
Strung Tour 70N