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Aero 95 Nano - Kävlinge

Top heavy with a stiff flex. New model for 2019!

Traditional frame model with a GTi frame contruction. Stiff flex to create a rigid and solid feel with the head heavy balance point. Aero 95 Nano also comes with an 80 hole tight stringbed where both the main and cross center strings are placed closer together to create a more powerful stringpattern, inreasing the power of your attackplay. This model is aimed mainly at power with a slightly slower swing speed then most other models.

Item number B2026
Model Aero 95 Nano
Weight 3U & 4U
Flex Stiff
Balance 3
Length 674
Grip G2
Colour Matt black / orange
Material Nano Carbon hybdrid
Technology 80 grommet frame
  Gti frame

Aerodynamic frameshape

Strung Tour 69 Nano (white)